2001 Hall of Fame
2001, my first trip to Cooperstown for Dave Winfield's induction.
2005 Hall of Fame
By the plaques of the earliest inductees.
2005 Inside HOF
Shooting the On-Cam portion of the show
In front of HOF
With Dan Roper in 2005 for Jerry Coleman.
Baby Trevor Hoffman
From Trevor Hoffman's home videos
Trevor Hoffman 2005
From my 2005 One on One interview at Trevor's home.
Trevor and Jane 2011
Trevor's Retirement ceremony 2011
Trevor Hoffman's Retired 51
#51 retired number at Petco Park.
2015 Trevor Hoffman update
At Trevor Hoffman's home with photographer Dan Roper, my daughter Lily and me
2011 Jane at Petco
Shooting a standup Opening Day 2011. Channel 4's last season with the Padres.
HOF 2001 Dave Winfield
Early morning shoot in Cooperstown with Dave Winfield, Chase Peckham, Tom Catlin and his dad, and me. 2001
2001 HOF Dave Winfield
Listening to Dave Winfield's speech in Cooperstown.
Jerry Coleman Montage
Visuals of Jerry Coleman from our show: Marine, baseball player, broadcaster.
2005 HOF Jerry Coleman
Walking down Cooperstown street with Jerry Coleman who received the award for Excellence in Broadcasting for the HOF.
2007 Tony Gwynn HOF call
Tony Gwynn getting the "call" to the Hall of Fame in 2007.
Tony and Alicia Gwynn 2007
After an in-depth interview with Tony Gwynn and his wife Alicia at their home in 2007.
Tony Gwynn arrives 2007
Capturing Tony Gwynn's thoughts as he arrives at the hotel in Cooperstown.
HOF Display 2007
Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripkin Jr.'s jerseys on display in 2007.
Tony Gwynn and Jane HOF
My exclusive One on One TV interview with Tony on a rainy day in Cooperstown 2007.
Ted Williams 2001
After an in-depth interview with Ted Williams in San Diego 2001. Would be the last TV interview he did before his passing.
Emmy Fun
One fun night bringing home 3 Emmys one night. Always proud to share them with my creative colleagues.
2010 Book Tour
One of many book displays and book talks after the book's release November 2010.
2015 Jane and Lily
Wearing the same dress as 2010, five years later holding Lily on a break at at One on One Legends shoot.
Ozzie Smith and Jane
Ozzie Smith is among the Hall of Famers I have featured One on One.
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