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Alan Trammell: Nice Guys Finish First, Eventually!

After being passed over by the Baseball Writers (BBWAA) for 15 years for election into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Alan Trammell could have been bitter. Could have had a bit of a bad taste for the process. Could have, but didn’t. That's just not who he is. So, when his name was on the ballot of the Modern Era Baseball Committee, he wondered if the results would be any different. On a December 2017 evening, after touching down in Florida for the baseball Winter Meetings, he found out. When he graciously sat down to talk with me recently, I wanted to hear all about it. Here’s the first of several excerpts from our One on One conversation.

Alan and I met in the office of his agent John Boggs. John was Tony Gwynn’s agent and is a good friend to me and many in the baseball world (one of the good guys!) More on John, later, in this Countdown to Cooperstown.

The group picture below is from the baggage claim when Alan told the news to his traveling mates including Buddy Black, John, Trevor Hoffman, Bruce Bochy and Brad Ausmus.

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