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New and Encore Shows ON LINE!

The special One on One Encore and NEW editions of shows featuring Trevor Hoffman are now uploaded and available on line. The playlist below has the 4 editions with new graphics celebrating Trevor Hoffman's Countdown to Cooperstown and Induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. (The one video here is the NEW pre-induction version)

Please note the graphics and the credits, as my idea and passion for a special presentation would not have been possible without the partnership with COX Communications San Diego, and the generous grant from the ever so humble, beautiful and empowering former co-owner of the Padres, Becky Moores. My heartfelt thanks to her for believing in my vision to bring back historic shows and produce a new one; all in the spirit of celebrating Trevor by sharing his story over the years, and in this amazing time for him, all of San Diego and baseball fans beyond.

Please... watch, share, comment. A Post-Induction film is in the works... but for now, enjoy and thank you for your love and support over the years.

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