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In Case You Missed Them... 1 week of Replays!

The Special showings of the New Pre-Induction One on One with Trevor Hoffman show and the Encore Presentations of Trevor and Tony Gwynn HOF shows will be on TV starting SUNDAY.

WHERE: COX/TW/Spectrum Ch. 4 in SD, COX 4 Santa Barbara, COX 3 OC and COX 27 Desert Cities Especially fun to see them now that Induction Weekend is in our memories, that you've heard Trevor's speech... and can relate to what he has said in the past and right up until Induction Day. PLEASE SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD!

WHEN: Here are the times:

8/5 One On One: Hoffman 1998 4pm

8/6 One On One: Hoffman 2007 9pm

8/7 One On One: Hoffman 2015 10pm

8/8 One On One: Gwynn HOF Part 1 8:30pm

8/9 One On One: Gwynn HOF Part 2 10:30pm

8/11 One On One: Hoffman 2018 1pm

My thanks to Cox Communications for this extra week.

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