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Day 2: Friday Fun Day! A Gallery of Moments

Friday in Cooperstown begins at Ozzie Smith's "Turn 2" event to raise money for the Hall of Fame. Adults and kids pay to play , have one on one time and get baseball fundamentals from "The Wizard" and fellow Hall of Famers Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Johnny Bench. San Diego families are among those soaking in the info and stardom in a baseball diamond setting. Interviews with fans, Ozzie and Jeff will be part the new One on One, as will most of what we're capturing this week!

The HOF gift shop has plenty of great souvenirs with items highlighting each Inductee, including Trevor and Alan. The suitcase will be bursting with some cool stuff. Super fun to shop and walk Main Street to see and say hello to lots of Padres fans who remember One on One, too!

We wrap up the day at a private Padres party celebrating Trevor Hoffman. People from all around invited by the Padres organization are there to toast #51. As invited guests, Kelly and I first interview some of the special people there including Ted Leitner, Randy Jones and Greg Hoffman. Then, with our "work" done, we enjoy the party. And to everyone's delight, Trevor, Tracy and the boys are there for a wonderful evening with friends and family. Oh what a night.

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