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Day 3: Saturday Golf, Media, Parade and Party

The day before Induction Day the agenda is packed morning to midnight. Some work, some play, all fantastic and fun experiences. On a "work" front, our day starts early for the Hall of Famers' golf tournament at the Leatherstocking Golf course. We have some access for shooting video and interviews, but we talked with Trevor, Jack Morris, Rollie Fingers and others. (They'll be in the show!) Trevor was like a kid in the candy store, giddy and smiling, and friendly with all the media, most of whom, there, he did not know.

Then it's over to the Clark Sports Center for the big media access to all the Hall of Famers and award winners. We gathered with many San Diego colleagues for Trevor, and Kelly and I also spent time with Alan Trammell. A one-on-one with Bob Costas was another highlight for me. (more later)

By 4, I arrive solo with my camera, at Doubleday Field for the Awards ceremony. All the Hall of Famers present are on stage and the stands are packed with fans from all over. The presentations for the writing and broadcasting honorees were superb (more on that later, too!) From there, walking through throngs of fans down Main Street for the Parade of Legends. This was the first time I'd seen this format, and it is wonderful. The crowd a buzz with love and cheers for individual Hall of Famers and baseball in general.

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