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HOF: Day One Cooperstown Fun

A gallery of photos for you. This first day of the Hall of Fame Induction Weekend trip has a full agenda of One on One production shoots, with my colleague Kelly Morris Buh, before the doors to the Hall of Fame opened. Arriving early, the museum's Gallery of Plaques is quiet and pristine; a lovely time to capture its beauty. As the morning goes on, more visitors flow in, like a baseball fan stream meandering through baseball's history of legends and icons. It will soon be a full on rushing river of fans. After a break, a walk through the village, a radio appearance with The Fan 97.3 Chris and Tony Show, with some reflecting about Tony Gwynn's induction and how special it is to be here for Trevor, too. Tony Jr. saw his dad's plaque for the first time, today, and is still moved by what that plaque represents. A talk at the Village Library to share One on One stories and the love of the game and the Hall of Fame. San Diego Padres fans are among those from all over taking in the beauty of the town and the game. From rain last night and this morning to blue skies and a soft breeze, the hamlet is sleeping now, ready for the hustle and bustle of what the Friday of Induction Day Weekend brings.

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